Taking A Nap Is a Gift  

Young children do anything they can to get out of taking a nap. They are so excited about the new things that they are learning and doing, and they don't see the sense of lying down to sleep, even when they are falling asleep sitting up on the floor. As kids get older they outgrow the need for a nap, mostly because they have so much energy. When they turn into teenagers, sleeping becomes important again, and as adults, we relearn why naps are so great. A nap does not make you lazy, an occasional one makes you smart.

There are some countries that stop midday so that people can nap. This is something that seems odd to American's, but there are some great health benefits. Most don't know it, but just taking a nap for as little as ten or twenty minutes can totally revive you when you are feeling slow and tired. Some kids take just a ten minute nap and parents are baffled when the kid gets up and is energetic and rested. Sometimes, naps can be too long. Babies need more sleep, but as an adult you can get a jolt from just a ten minute catnap. Try it some time. You may be surprised how well it works.

Taking a nap as an adult is sometimes tough, but if you are run down and not feeling well all of the time, this may be something that can help. If you have kids, you can lay down when they do. Don't worry about the dirty dishes or the wash? Take a little nap so that you can be at your best to play with and care for your kids. It is especially important to nap when your baby does when they are under one year old, as they may still keep you up at night and you do need to make up that sleep as best as you can. You are not being lazy, you are taking care of yourself.

Understandably, taking a nap is not something you can do when you are at work all day, but you can indulge in a nap on the weekends. You may be busy and out and about, but if you are home and relaxing, and the mood to nap strikes you, record that show instead of watching it and take a nap. You can always watch it later. The dishes can wait, and the phone can be shut off. Even one nap once a week can do wonders. The body is made to do miraculous things, but it also needs rest. Just don't nap too late in the evening or you may not get to sleep on time that night.

If you are not getting enough sleep at night, taking a nap with a sleep mask may help. Your body takes the time to heal and store the information that you have learned that day while you are at rest. If you are not getting enough sleep, you are not healing as you should, and your brain is not working at full speed. If you really don't have any time to nap, try your best to cut out stimulants after work hours and to get to bed just a half an hour earlier. It may make all of the difference in your day.

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